Noble Callista

Noble Callista: Ultra Spacious Bespoke Residences

The very first introduction of our lifestyle comes from a home we reside in. No doubt, people today look for ultra-modern and premium homes to add a new benchmark to their status. When your home is spacious, spectacular and equipped with all modern amenities, you look for every opportunity to invite guests for house parties to truly experience those facilities. Your home in every manner is a status symbol. Where you live, what amenities are a part of your routine and how you indulge in them, all give an insight into who you are!

Noble Callista luxury flats project in Mohali where everyone always dreamt of owning a home. It reflects your urbane lifestyle, thinking process and offers the highest living standards that are in vogue. Starting from the outdoors and gliding into the indoors, every area, every space has been designed in such a way that it speaks about you, your personality, and what you believe in. The ‘Wow’ factor will never be lost here! Noble Callista luxury flats project in Mohali

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Dynamic Lifestyle Spaces Designed with impeccable style & class.

Noble Callista welcomes home buyers with the choice of 3/4/5 BHK luxury flats in Mohali. Our residences do not just offer a home but a refined living experience that you might not find anywhere else. Every nook and corner speaks for itself. Floor to ceiling windows allows you to enjoy a calming view every day, whether it's morning, noon or night. The interiors are elevated with the use of intricate designs and blended hues. One step inside and you will never feel like going away!

Residential 3/4/5 BHK luxury flats in Mohali

Club Royce - 5 Club Houses for myriad of relaxation needs!

Every individual strives harder to achieve the best things in life. Comfort, premiumness and entertainment are what one thinks of by the end of the day when body and mind are exhausted from the day’s toil. However, deciding on recreational activities regularly can be a tiring task. But it is not a task for the residents of Noble Callista. Our Club Royce is well equipped with all modern amenities and leisure activities that can help in lifting stress and tensions. The wide array of entertainment is designed keeping different age groups and needs in mind. Whether you feel like diving into the swimming pool, meditating in the meditation area, indulging in playful games in the gaming arena or enjoying some time with your child at the kids’ play area, Club Royce covers all your needs. 

Club Royce at Noble Callista
Swimming pool in luxury flat @club royce
A composition of sculptural beauty, open parkland & engaging spaces working together in harmony.

If you have been dreaming of living in a community that binds together with natural elements, then your dream can come true what you live in luxury flats in Mohali at Noble Callista. As much importance we have given to the indoor living experience, we haven't forgotten about the outdoor elements that are essential for a fulfilled living. The project nestles in the lap of nature as you witness shaded walkways, gazebos amidst greenery, shrubbery lining the pathways, expansive gardens, and a wide range of flora and fauna. It is also a fantastic safe and nurturing space for the kids to grow in.

Outdoor lifestyle at Noble Callista
Airport Road Mohali

Its all about the destination and what lies around

Everyone wants a nice, comfortable, premium lifestyle away from the bustle of the city. Yet, home buyers look for a house that keeps them connected to all the major hotspots such as offices, schools, hospitals, shopping centres and more. As Noble Callista was conceptualized to offer the utmost convenience to the dwellers, the location of the project was also carefully selected. Sector 66, Mohali is a calm and budding suburb and lies directly on the International Airport Road. The road will keep you connected to the major destinations and when you drive back home, you will be nestled in the calmness of nature. 

Major hotspots near Noble Callista Location
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